You’re a real player, uh? You have tried a lot of varieties of magic truffles and you’re now a kind of expert, right? But you want MORE. That’s why you want to take the next step. You want more experiences, more magic power and unknown mysteries. That’s why you want to know know what are the strongest magic truffles that you can find in the market.

Let’s be serious. To know what are the strongest magic truffles is difficult because every magic truffles varieties has different effects on different people. The more we can do is to make a list with the most famous magic truffles for their potent effects. And that’s what we are going to do to give you a helper hand. But here’s our advice: the best you can do is to try every variety by yourself. This is the only way in which you can know better magic truffles and know better yourself!

The strongest Magic Truffles

There are two varieties better known by their highly potent effects: the Atlantis magic truffles and the Dragon’s Dynamite magic truffles.

Atlantis Magic Truffles

Maybe the atlantis are the most consumed and famous magic truffles in the world. It’s strongly related to the Psilocybe mexicana magic truffle, the most recommended variety to enter this wonderful world of magic truffles.

The Atlantis are also known as Liberty Caps, triprocks and Philosopher’s stones. The Atlantis contain high amounts of the psychoactive compound of magic truffles and magic mushrooms: psilocin and psilocybin.

atlantis magic truffles


They’re easy to find in every magic mushrooms shop ready to enjoy! They’re usually vacuum stored and the packages contain 15 grams of product. The recommended dose for normal effects are 5-10 grams. For strongest effects, 15 grams is your dose.

Dragon’s Dynamite Magic Truffles

These truffles honor their name. Taking a high dose of Dragon’s Dynamite (15 grams) will make you sense like you’re flying on a dragon through the cosmos. WOW! Yeah, they’re trully awesome. The visual effects are strong and they will give you a strong ectasy-like sensation. This is why only recommended to experienced psychonauts.

Dragon’s Dynamite is a very popular variety. You can find it in magic mushrooms and truffles shops with no problem. They’re sold ready to use. The package is vacuum sealed and contains 15 grams aprox.

dragon's dynamite magic truffles

If this is the first time you’re going to take magic truffles, these are not the varieties you’re looking for. You must be thoughful. You’ll have time to try the Atlantis and the Dragon’s Dynamite. Think on your health and start by a lower variety, like the Mexicana. If you respect the magic truffles, they’ll respect you. This is the better way to enjoy this magic products of the nature.


Oh! So you want to try magic truffles, uh? That’s great because you’ve reached the proper page. If you don’t know how to start: what varieties choose, what are their effects, etc.

 We are going to talk about all the magic truffles varieties and their effects in order to help you to choose your favorite. Let’s start!

Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles Varieties

Magic Truffles Varieties

  • Atlantis magic truffles. Whoa! You’re a hard guy if you choose this variety. The Psilocybe Atlantis is one of the strongest magic truffles in common stores. These magic truffles can induce a happy and funny trip in small doses (5-10 grams). With higher doses (15 grams) you can reach a strong trip with deep colors, and closed eye visualizations. Yehaw! Get more info.. about Magic Truffles Atlantis from here:
  •  Dragon’s Dynamite magic truffles. Another magic truffle that will blow your head! Dragon’s Dynamite is one of the strongest magic truffles available. In small doses, Dragon’s Dynamite will induce you a happy and funny trip. In a higher doses, the Dragon’s Dynamite will give a strong ecstasy sensation. It’s a variety only recommended for experts, so if you’re going to take magic truffles for the first time, this variety is not a good choice. Start for a lower one! To know more about dragon’s dynamite magic truffles, check this out:
  •  Mexicana magic truffles. The most famous magic truffles! Mexicana can make you trip in a funny and happy way too. With higher doses you’ll experiment a very funny trip. You’ll feel more sociable and will have visual distortions.
  •  Tampanensis magic truffles. These magic truffles have given to the truffles their common name ‘Philoshopher stones’. Yeah! These truffles will make of you a great philosopher, Plato style! Lower doses will bring you to a happy and funny state, but larger doses will make you experiment euphoria, vivid colors and spiritual feelings.Unleash your inner Philosopher! read more info. about Tampanensis truffles:
  •  Galindoi magic truffles. Here you have the most mysterious magic truffles. With a normal dose you’ll experience rich and vivid visual hallucinations with closed and open eyes. Pure magic!

These are the most common varieties you’ll find in magic truffles stores. So, which of them are the best to start with? Well… It depends on the way you want to enjoy.

If you’re a beginner, your best option maybe be the Mexicana variety. It’s a variety great for newbies, with normal effects but pretty interesting. You must avoid the harder varieties like Atlantis magic truffles or Dragon’s Dynamite.

If you have taken magic truffles in other occasions and you want to experiment and try new varieties, just do it! All varieties are affordable and very interesting to know. Every one of them can change your perceptions and you can get fun with all of them, so don’t fear to try a brand new variety.

Oh, and if you can try all of them (not at the same time, don’t be silly!) you can get one value pack. These packs usually include all different varieties so you can try all of them and get some special discounts!

Nowadays many people want to try Magic Truffles but still confused about how to use Magic Truffles? Before using Magic Truffles there are few things people should remember : —

Magic Truffles

How to use Magic Truffles?

If you haven’t try Magic Truffles before than the most important point to remember is don’t take truffles in any pressure like if you are not fit, not mentally prepare or other reason. Only take truffles if you are fully prepared for its effects. Don’t take food before 2-3 hours of eating truffles. It will definitely gave you best truffles trip experience.

If you don’t like the taste of Magic Truffles than do take them with the help of Juice or tea etc. Don’t start with higher dose do start with 2.5gm to 5 gm. This small dose can give you great experience and the effect will take 15-45 minutes to appear . If you are not feeling good after taking truffles and you want to stop its effects than do take some fanta or any other sweet to end truffles effects.

If you know any other person who does have experience with Magic Truffles than its a good idea to take truffles in his guidance.  Do not use Magic Truffles in crowded, you’ll feel great if you take them your friends. Do not use any other substance like alcohol.

To know more about How to use Magic Truffles visit:

Magic Truffles are also part of the fungi family just like the magic mushrooms. They are available on the market in many ways. The magic Truffles consist of psilocybin and psilocin and these substances have similar effects as for example the Cubensis Magic Mushrooms.

After the ban on magic mushrooms
Magic TrufflesWhen the Dutch government banned the sales of fresh and dried magic mushrooms, the government didn’t include the so called sclerotia including the same active substances.

So in this way it was still possible to buy magic truffles!


Where to buy magic truffles
Buy magic truffles onlineNowadays the magic truffles can only be sold in so called smartshops that are specialized to sell smart drugs like fresh magic truffles. The city council in Amsterdam prohibited the sales of magic truffles in other shops than these smartshops. This is because mainly tourists bought them and were excluded from proper information which caused some incidents and a bad for the magic truffles. Of course you can also buy your magic truffles online in our shop. []

Different types of magic truffles

Fresh Box TrufflesThe most known magic truffles are the Psilocybine Atlantis, Psilocybe Mexicana, and PsilocybeTampanensis. [Visit Here].

Other known magic truffles are the Psilocybepajaritos,Psilocybehollandia,Psilocybe dragon, Magic Truffles Fantasia, Magic Truffles Pajaritos, Magic Truffles Mokum,Magic Truffles Pandora and Magic Truffles Utopia.

All these different kinds of magic truffle species are actually based on the most known ones. The different shops offer these products and label them with a nice sounding product name that calls the imagination.

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Mexicana TrufflesMagic Truffles are just like mushrooms and it contain Psilocybe which has psychedelic properties. It is basically a fungus which was founded in the seventies. These are of different kind like Truffles Mexicana, Atlantis truffles, Dragon’s Dynamite, Psilocybe Tampanensis Truffles and lot more.

Effects of Magic Truffles

Basically its effects are same as mushrooms and after the banning of mushrooms these came into existence very fast. It shows their effect in between 30 – 40 minutes after its consumption and it continuously gets stronger. A person can feel the strong waves within first 2 hours. It has different effects on different people like some felt visuals, different sounds, some feel relaxed after getting these Magic Truffles, Creative thoughts, sharpening of senses etc.

Bad Trips

Though people have these kind of stuff for fun and entertainment, but as I told before these shows different effects on different people and some feel drastic changes either mentally or physically and those called ‘Bad trips’. These can occur, but there is no need to worry about as its effects are temporary and fed down after few hours. The best way is to do these magic truffles in friends group or with some sober friends.

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Magic Truffles AtlantisBuying Magic Truffles online in Europe

Magic Truffles are part of the fungi family. The fungi family or kingdom includes lots of species like for example the Amanita Muscaria and lots of Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms. The English word fungus is adopted from the Latin word fungus (mushroom) and the truffles are called sclerotia, a hard compact mass of fungal mycelium which contains food reserves. In the seventies mycologists found out the existence of a magic truffle that includes the same active psychedelic substances as magic mushrooms, psilocybine and psilocyine.

What kind of magic truffles are there?

Steven Pollock, an American scientist, collected the first magic truffle in the wild somewhere in Florida. Later a mycologist named Paul Stamets developed a method to cultivate sclerotia, which were called “Philosopher’s Stones
Nowadays there are lots of different kinds of magic truffles, their origin lays in the past work of Stamets and Pollock. The most famous magic truffle types are the magic truffles Mexicana, Magic Truffles Atlantis and the tampanensis magic truffles.

Are magic truffles legal?

After the ban on fresh and dried magic mushrooms in Holland the magic mushroom grow kits and magic truffles were still legal to buy in the smart shop and in the online magic truffles shops. The legality for buying magic truffles is different for every country in Europe. You don’t have to visit the so called smart shops in Amsterdam to experience the effects of truffles, buy them online and explore your inner self in your own comfortable and safe environment.  Magic truffles are a great alternative if you want to buy psychedelic truffles online and don’t want to grow your own magic mushrooms.

There are many psychedelics available in the nature, to grow them yourself at home or buy them in online magic truffle shops. The good thing about natural psychedelics like magic mushrooms and magic truffles is that they don’t do any harm to your body.

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