All About Magic Truffles

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Magic Truffles
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Magic Truffles AtlantisBuying Magic Truffles online in Europe

Magic Truffles are part of the fungi family. The fungi family or kingdom includes lots of species like for example the Amanita Muscaria and lots of Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms. The English word fungus is adopted from the Latin word fungus (mushroom) and the truffles are called sclerotia, a hard compact mass of fungal mycelium which contains food reserves. In the seventies mycologists found out the existence of a magic truffle that includes the same active psychedelic substances as magic mushrooms, psilocybine and psilocyine.

What kind of magic truffles are there?

Steven Pollock, an American scientist, collected the first magic truffle in the wild somewhere in Florida. Later a mycologist named Paul Stamets developed a method to cultivate sclerotia, which were called “Philosopher’s Stones
Nowadays there are lots of different kinds of magic truffles, their origin lays in the past work of Stamets and Pollock. The most famous magic truffle types are the magic truffles Mexicana, Magic Truffles Atlantis and the tampanensis magic truffles.

Are magic truffles legal?

After the ban on fresh and dried magic mushrooms in Holland the magic mushroom grow kits and magic truffles were still legal to buy in the smart shop and in the online magic truffles shops. The legality for buying magic truffles is different for every country in Europe. You don’t have to visit the so called smart shops in Amsterdam to experience the effects of truffles, buy them online and explore your inner self in your own comfortable and safe environment.  Magic truffles are a great alternative if you want to buy psychedelic truffles online and don’t want to grow your own magic mushrooms.

There are many psychedelics available in the nature, to grow them yourself at home or buy them in online magic truffle shops. The good thing about natural psychedelics like magic mushrooms and magic truffles is that they don’t do any harm to your body.

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